What You Need to Know About Avengers: Power the Night | Review 

Disneyland Paris’s 30th Anniversary Grand Finale is in full swing and the parks have received some very cool nighttime entertainment. Avengers: Power the Night is performed every night, at park closing time, from the 28th of January to the 8th of May 2023 in Walt Disney Studios Park. This spectacle on and around the Tower of Terror is completely new and almost extents Avengers Campus to the Production Courtyard.

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73. What You Need to Know About Avengers: Power the Night Drone Show + Magic Over Disney AirMagique – Unofficial Disneyland Paris Podcast

What to Expect from Avengers: Power the Night

The Tower of Terror becomes a huge projection screen when the sun goes down. Avengers: Power the Night features simple but colorful comic-style projection mapping, music and sound effects, pyrotechnics and up to 500 drones. According to Disney; it’s something never before seen in any Disney Park. The show isn’t very long, clocking in about 9 minutes; but park goers finally have a regular nighttime show at Walt Disney Studios Park. It’s perfect way to end a day at the studios park and MARVEL fans will be delighted. Avengers: Power the Night expands on the Avengers Campus narrative, with Artificial intelligence F.R.I.D.A.Y. projected on the Tower of Terror, narrating the start and end the show.

Spoiler Warning

the rest of this article goes into detail and describes key show moments. 
Captain America throwing his shield, Avengers: Power the Night, Walt Disney Studios Park Paris. Source: Disney

Highlights from Avengers: Power the Night

Only one word is necessary to describe the highlights of Avengers: Power the Night… drones! It’s amazing to see so many drones create intricate shapes in the sky. Like Mjölnir, the hammer of Thor, slamming into the Tower of Terror or the shield of Captain America. After F.R.I.D.A.Y. closes out theres a surprise drone formation, arguably the highlight of the entire spectacle, the appearance of Spider-Man. Swinging from his web that appears to be connected to the Tower of Terror, … it’s breathtaking. The drones formations also interact with the animations at various points throughout the show. At one point Captain America throws his shield in the projection, and then the shield appears in drone-form right next to the Tower of Terror. 

Iron Man in Avengers: Power the Night, Walt Disney Studios Park Paris. Source: Disney

Last Takeaways 

Avengers: Power the Night offers great visibility from most of the Production Courtyard. Since the Tower of Terror is so tall and there are no large trees on Production Courtyard there’s really nothing blocking the view. One suggestion we would give is not to stand too far to the right or left since the drones appear on the left side of the Tower of Terror. Otherwise the drones will be partially blocked or feel disconnected from the Tower of Terror. If there is heavy inclement weather the drones can’t fly so we suggest skipping Avengers: Power the Night on those nights if you are visiting the parks for multiple days.

F.R.I.D.A.Y. in Avengers: Power the Night, Walt Disney Studios Park Paris. Source: Niels from @capturingdisneyparks on Instagram

Disneyland Paris is the Best Disney Park for Drone Shows

Disneyland Paris is leading by example and setting the bar extremely high. In terms of drone related entertainment, we’re currently the only Disney park that has a drone show on a daily basis. Now, with the new Avengers: Power the Night, two drone shows every evening. Disneyland Paris has become an innovator in the themed entertainment industry and that’s something it hasn’t been since Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure opened with it’s trackless dark ride system in Walt Disney Studios Park in 2014. Disneyland Paris is exemplary in terms of nighttime spectaculars that feature drones, and we’re looking forward to seeing other Disney Parks continue to carry the torch and hopefully keep pushing the boundaries.

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