Marvel Themed Drone Show Spotted at Disneyland Paris

Twitter user @backsideofwat3r recently spotted drones flying over Disneyland Paris, while displaying Marvel iconography. Disneyland Paris seems to be testing several drone formations in celebration of the new Avengers Campus that is set to start press previews this weekend (9th of July, 2022). Wether this is will be part of a pre existing nighttime spectacularContinue reading “Marvel Themed Drone Show Spotted at Disneyland Paris”

Disney D-Light Drone Show Receives Update

Disney D-Light premiered on March 6, 2022 for the 30th anniversary celebration of Disneyland Paris. Just 12 days after it’s debut the entertainment team updated the show with new drone choreography and projection mapping effects. Disney D-Light is a 4 minute long pre-show performed daily before Disney Illuminations. Be sure to get there before theContinue reading “Disney D-Light Drone Show Receives Update”