Eurostar Indefinitely Suspending Train Service to Disneyland Paris

Eurostar announced that it will be indefinitely suspending it’s train service from London to Disneyland Paris. The last train from London to Marne-la-Vallée station will run on June 05, 2023. Until then, all trains will operate as planned. In it’s official press release, Eurostar lists the pandemic, lower demand and Brexit as the reason why.Continue reading “Eurostar Indefinitely Suspending Train Service to Disneyland Paris”

Disneyland Paris Begins Removing Plexiglass Dividers from Attractions

Disneyland Paris has begunn the process of removing the Plexiglass dividers from various attractions around the parks. The dividers were installed as a COVID-19 safety measure. Big Thunder Mountain, Star Tours and Dumbo have all seen the removal of their respective dividers. It’s likely that more attractions will follow in the coming days as theContinue reading “Disneyland Paris Begins Removing Plexiglass Dividers from Attractions”

Breaking News: Vaccine Pass no Longer Required to Visit Disneyland Paris

Starting tomorrow (March 14, 2022) a vaccination pass will no longer be required to visit Disneyland Paris. The French government has been aggressively easing COVID-19 related safety precautions in recent weeks. Recently the resort mask policy was removed. Follow AirMagique on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to get your daily dose of Disneyland Paris.

Breaking News: Disneyland Paris No Longer Requiring Masks

According to updates given to unions, Disneyland Paris will no longer be requiring face coverings in the resort as of March 2nd, 2022. The new regulations apply to both park goers and cast member. In both indoor and outdoor locations masks will be optional, but recommended. A vaccination pass will still be required to enterContinue reading “Breaking News: Disneyland Paris No Longer Requiring Masks”