Disneyland Paris Begins Removing Plexiglass Dividers from Attractions

Disneyland Paris has begunn the process of removing the Plexiglass dividers from various attractions around the parks.

The dividers were installed as a COVID-19 safety measure.

Big Thunder Mountain, Star Tours and Dumbo have all seen the removal of their respective dividers.

Star Tour has also seen the removal of it’s Plexiglass Dividers (Located Right Before Boarding your Starspeeder).

It’s likely that more attractions will follow in the coming days as the de-installation teams work their way through the queues.

Just recently we saw Disneyland Paris eliminate vaccination pass and mask requirements in an overall removal of COVID-19 related safety measures.

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Disneyland Paris Cast Members Strike | March Through Theme Parks

On Tuesday, May 30 2023, Disneyland Paris Cast Members striked and marched through both theme parks. Their primary demands revolve around seeking improved compensation and working conditions. Unless an agreement is reached further Cast Member strikes are likely to occur. The Cast Member union UNSA (National Union of Autonomous Trade Unions), has announced further strikes…

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