Restaurant Hakuna Matata Premiers New African-Inspired Menu | Disneyland Paris

The fan favorite counter service Restaurant Hakuna Matata has updated it’s menu with African-inspired dishes. Disneyland Paris just released the new menu (21st of February, 2023) and it is already being served in the parks. While the Yassa Chicken remains in place, all other main dishes have been replaced with new options. 

Source: Disney
Menu 1Menu 2Menu 3
Tomatoes, Sweet Peppers, White Beans and Chickpeas
Yassa Chicken
Chicken with Olives and Onions Sauce
Fish with Vegetables in Sauce
Pulled Beef Sandwich
Pulled Beef, Lettuce, Candied Onions
and American Mustard
Broken RiceBroken RiceSweet Potatoes Fries
Cold Drink, 50 CL (Except Coconut Water)Cold Drink, 50 CL (Except Coconut Water)Cold Drink, 50 CL (Except Coconut Water)
Menu as of the 21st of February, 2023. Source: Disney Prices and availability subject to change.

Hakuna Chicken Strips, a fan favorite, are notably absent. Instead the newer dishes lean towards the African-inspired menu. Located in Adventureland, Restaurant Hakuna Matata first welcomed park guests on April 12, 1992. Originally named Aux Epices Enchantées (With Enchanted Spices) Restaurant, it was renamed and lightly re-themed after the major success of the iconic Walt Disney Feature Animation motion picture The Lion King (1994).

Both Restaurant Hakuna Matata and Fuente del Oro Restaurante (Frontierland) share the same back of house facilities. 

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Will you be planning a visit to Restaurant Hakuna Matata? Let us know in the comments below.

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