Disney Village 2.0 Construction in Full Swing | Disneyland Paris

“Disney Village 2.0” construction is now in full swing. Disneyland Paris has shuttered several tenants including “Planet Hollywood”, “King Ludwig’s Castle” and it’s own “Café Mickey”. 

While it’s unclear what will be replacing “Planet Hollywood” the signage has been stripped from the iconic globe. 

Shuttered Boutique of Planet Hollywood, Disney Village Paris.

Meanwhile work wall have appeared around the former “King Ludwig’s Castle” which is being transformed into the new “Royal Pub”.

Disneyland Paris is updating the look of the 428,000-square-foot shopping and dining complex in phases. 

King Ludwig’s Castle’s transformation into the Royal Pub, Disney Village Paris.

Meaning that once “Cafe Mickey’s” transformation into the French Brasserie “Rosalie” is complete, work walls and construction crews are likely to takle another area of “Disney Village”.

Listen to our complete breakdown of Disney Village 2.0, on the AirMagique podcast:

Disney Village 2.0 Details, New Lakeside Hotel & Getting Vaccinated at Disneyland Paris AirMagique – Unofficial Disneyland Paris Podcast

What do you think of the Disney Village 2.0 look? Let us know in the comments below.

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