Electric Outage Causes Disruption in Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Paris

A park wide electrical outage was responsible for a rough start this morning (05.11.2022) at Disneyland Paris. Many attractions opened later than expected and the credit card system could not be rebooted. Shops and restaurants operated on a cash only basis resulting in long lines at the parks few ATM’s. Annual Pass holder discounts were alsoContinue reading “Electric Outage Causes Disruption in Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Paris”

“Magic Over Disney” Nighttime Show Premiering Next Week

Disneyland Paris just shared a new key visual and details for “Magic Over Disney”.  If you visiting Disneyland Paris next week be sure to check out “Magic Over Disney”.  The special nighttime spectacular will be hosted at Walt Disney Studios Park.  Mickey Mouse is going to be dropping remixes of famous Disney & Pixar hitsContinue reading ““Magic Over Disney” Nighttime Show Premiering Next Week”

Accessibility at Disneyland Paris

Listen to our episode on Accessibility at Disneyland Paris here: On our last visit to Disneyland Paris, we visited the parks with two family members who suffer from reduced mobility as well as other long term illnesses. Standing in long for extended periods of time, long flights of stairs and walking fast was out ofContinue reading “Accessibility at Disneyland Paris”

Disneyland Paris Releases Halloween Parties Program 2022

Disneyland Paris just released this years Halloween Parties program. The 2022 program gives an overview of the shows, entertainment, attractions, food, characters and various other information for party attendees. This year Disneyland Paris will host two Halloween Parties: 29th of October 31st of October 9 p.m. – 2 a.m. 8:30 p.m. – 2 a.m. PartyContinue reading “Disneyland Paris Releases Halloween Parties Program 2022”

Cast Members Chase Child Around Float During Parade at Disneyland Paris 

During a performance of Mickey‘s Halloween Celebration at Disneyland Paris a child ran around a parade float. Cast Members attempt to catch the child, who is running around the float at full speed.  The video was posted by Adri Dlp on twitter and has garnered over 430 likes. Adri jokingly writes “It seems to meContinue reading Cast Members Chase Child Around Float During Parade at Disneyland Paris 

Disneyland Paris Esso Gas Station Commandeered by French Authorities

French official’s have commandeered the Esso gas station at Disneyland Paris. Due to the current fuel crisis in France, the Esso gas station adjacent to Disney’s Hotel Santa Fe will only service French authorities. The Esso station is closed to the general public and Disneyland Paris visitors. Presently only essential emergency service vehicles can refuelContinue reading “Disneyland Paris Esso Gas Station Commandeered by French Authorities”

The Best Buffet & Table Service Restaurants at Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris and food have had a complicated relationship. The resort has slowly distanced itself from its mediocre culinary past and evolved into a strong competitor in the theme park food sector. While Disneyland Paris food was synonymous with burger and fries for many years, the resort now offers a wide variety of culinary experiences.Continue reading “The Best Buffet & Table Service Restaurants at Disneyland Paris”

Halloween Showtimes & Entertainment for Disneyland Paris 

Disneyland Paris just shared the Entertainment schedule for this years Halloween Season. Halloween celebrations officially started today (October 1st, 2022) and feature several shows and entertainment offerings.  Here’s an overview of the showtimes on weekends:  Mickey’s Halloween Celebration 12:30 p.m. | 1:50 p.m. It’s Time to Shine Cavalcade 11:10 a.m. | 12:00 p.m. | 1:20Continue reading “Halloween Showtimes & Entertainment for Disneyland Paris “

Plans for the Upcoming Panoramic Restaurant of Walt Disney Studios 2.0 Leak

Construction crews are working non stop on the Walt Disney Studios Park expansion. Disneyland Paris is currently building Arendelle a.k.a. The Frozen land. The theme of the second land has yet to be confirmed but rumors are pointing to either Lion King or Avatar: The World of Pandora. The new single IP lands will unfoldContinue reading “Plans for the Upcoming Panoramic Restaurant of Walt Disney Studios 2.0 Leak”

Christmas Tree Being Tested Backstage at Disneyland Paris

The Christmas tree was recently being tested backstage at Disneyland Paris. It was spotted by @DLPRescueRanger in preparation for the upcoming Christmas season. The giant 24-meter-high Christmas tree (78,8 ft) weighs about 24 tons. Disneyland Paris teams decorate the flagship Christmas tree with more than 1000 ornaments. The trees led lights can be color synced to shows andContinue reading “Christmas Tree Being Tested Backstage at Disneyland Paris”