Everything We Know About The Tesla Roller Coaster & Croatia Themed Land | Europa Park

Europa Park has announced that it’s new themed land (Croatia) as well the new Nikola Tesla inspired roller coaster will open in 2024. Here’s a breakdown of everything we know about the new mediterranean steampunk fusion inspired extravaganza.

Nikola Tesla Inspired Roller Coaster

A 3D render of the upcoming Tesla inspired roller coaster. © Europa Park

The “Big Dipper” style coaster will boast a track length of 1,385 meters (1514 yards), 33 meters (36 yards) in height, with a maximum speed of 90 kilometers per hour (55.9 miles per hour). “Big Dipper” style coasters are a specialty of Mack Rides, which feature short trains that travel on steel tracks, allowing for tight turns and rapid directional changes. A chain lift will propel the train up the lift hill, while gravity takes care of the rest.

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Hello everyone, let's talk all about visiting the iconic Europa Park in Germany. We're discussing the theming, must do attractions, food and hotels plus all the fun details to look out for.  Update: Correction Volo da Vinci is an interactive suspended carriage attraction. Access Exclusive Episodes on AirMagique+: http://patreon.com/airmagique Visit our Website for the Latest News & Reviews: airmagique.net Follow AirMagique on Social Media Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube Follow Niels: Instagram | Twitter | Website  AirMagique is an unofficial podcast, made with love, and is not affiliated with The Walt Disney Company or any of its subsidiaries. This episode is not sponsored, all promotional or advertised content will be clearly identified. 2022 Intro Song by: Show Me by LiQWYD https://soundcloud.com/liqwyd Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0

According to the description, the trains consist of individual cars with two rows of four seats. The outermost seats will be suspended on either side of the track. To date, Mack Rides in Waldkirch has built two “Big Dipper” coasters so far.

3D render of the Tesla inspired roller coaster as seen in the official making-of series “Ω” (Ohm). © Europa Park

Fans are already speculating about the name of the new Nikola Tesla inspired roller coaster. Europa Park has already trademarked the following names: “Voltron Coaster,” “Coastillator,”  “Oscillodrome,” “Apparatus Ohm,” and “Transferator Ohm”.

3D render of the Tesla inspired roller coaster as seen in the official making-of series “Ω” (Ohm). © Europa Park

The roller coaster will feature multiple inversions and banked track elements that will result in plenty of airtime for riders. Croatia, the themed land, will also play a major role as the coaster trains will travel through various landmarks of the new land. 

Concept art of the re-purposed hydroelectric power plant and tower. © Europa Park

Loading and unloading stations are housed in a building themed to an old hydroelectric power plant that Nicola Tesla has completely repurposed. 

Concept art of the attractions entrance. © Europa Park

Nikola Tesla built the Walden-Clift Tower in 1901, which was supposed to transport energy. Europa Park’s creative team was inspired by the real history and integrated it into he attractions storyline. Therefore, two large tesla coil inspired towers will also be part of the attraction. The in-story explanation is that the towers can harness cosmic energy to transport people. 

Concept art of the attractions lighting fixutres. © Europa Park

Fans can find out even more about the construction and development progress on Europa-Park’s streaming platform Veejoy. New episodes are released every last Thursday of the month.

Kroatia in Europa Park

Concept art of the Croatian village featuring steam punk elements coming to Europa Park. © Europa Park

While Europa Park is currently prioritizing the construction of the roller coaster over the themed land. It will shift construction over to the themed area as soon as the roller coaster is complete. 

Croatia will be located in between the Russia and Greece themed lands. The themed area will consist of typical Croatian buildings and reflect the balkan atmosphere of the European country.

Ω – The 4D-Film

Preview still from the 4D film Ω (Ohm). © Europa Park

Europa Park is also releasing a new Nikola Tesla 4D Film. Ω (Ohm) provides a sneak peek of what’s to come in regard to the upcoming roller coaster in Croatia. Ω (Ohm) will premiere in the fall of 2023 in Europa Park’s Magic Cinema. A teaser trailer is available on the Europa Park streaming platform Veejoy.

Are you looking forward to the new Tesla inspired roller coaster and Croatia? Let us know in the comments below. 

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