Electric Outage Causes Disruption in Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Paris

A park wide electrical outage was responsible for a rough start this morning (05.11.2022) at Disneyland Paris. Many attractions opened later than expected and the credit card system could not be rebooted. Shops and restaurants operated on a cash only basis resulting in long lines at the parks few ATM’s. Annual Pass holder discounts were also unavailable. Park goers also had trouble getting into the parks as tickets could not be scanned.

As @DisneyGazetteFr on Twitter writes:
“Another power outage is causing chaos this morning. Passes cannot be scanned and (park goers) can not pay by credit card.” Translated from French.

Cast Member had to use makeshift wait time signs due to the network failure. A PSA in the official Disneyland Paris app informed park goers “Important information! Due to a global network issue, we are unable to operate certain services in the Disney Parks such as Disney Premier Access, payment by credit card or the display of attraction wait times. We are working hard to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. We wish you a magical day at Disneyland Paris”.

Disneyland Paris has been suffering from power outages over the last few years. According to various sources these are widespread electric blackouts throughout Val d’Europe and not just at Disneyland Paris.

Have you experienced a power outage in Disneyland Paris? Let us know in the comments below. 

Update: Disneyland Paris suffered another large scale network outage today (08.11.2022). It was reported that the wait times in the app did not function as well as payment by credit card. Wether or not this is due to another power outage is not known at this time.

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