Plans for the Upcoming Panoramic Restaurant of Walt Disney Studios 2.0 Leak

Construction crews are working non stop on the Walt Disney Studios Park expansion. Disneyland Paris is currently building Arendelle a.k.a. The Frozen land. The theme of the second land has yet to be confirmed but rumors are pointing to either Lion King or Avatar: The World of Pandora.

The new single IP lands will unfold around an artificial lake. At nightfall, park goers will be able to gather around the new lake for a large-scale nighttime spectacular.


A new central space is also being built around the lake. The space will connect the main boulevard leading to the lake with the new lands. Besides the new Tangled inspired teacups flat ride, the new table service restaurant will also be built there.

The upcoming panoramic restaurant will be located on the edge of the future lake. Park goers will be able to enjoy their meal and a front row view of the lake show. OUTSIDEARS (link to French article) was able to access the legally required construction plans.

General overview of the restaurants building. Source: OUTSIDEARS

The restaurant will span a whopping 2100m2 (226042 sq. ft.) and will feature two distinct spaces.


A bar with a capacity of 75 seats as well as a dining room with 250 seats. Both the bar and dining room will face south. Massive panoramic windows will flood the restaurant with natural light and create unobstructed views of the lake.


Park goers entering the restaurant will be welcomed via a reception area and an entrance vestibule. The restaurant will also house dedicated public restrooms.

All of the facades will feature intricate Art Nouveau-inspired theming.

Since park goers can view the restaurant from all angles a dedicated backstage area is not feasible.


Instead, a 370m2 service area will house several back of house operations like waste disposal.

The facades will rock a beige color palette. In addition, pilaster with faux stone coating, faux stone bases, roofs and domes in an aged copper look will further underline the Art Nouveau look. The domes will also be adorned in cornices, moldings and jewels.


Several lattices will also be incorporated into the walls, enabling vine plants to grow along the facade.

Themed gardens will surround the restaurant, integrating it effortlessly into the main boulevard.


Paved walkways, lowered and closer to the lake water will enable park goers to view the show without hindering the view of diners.

Rumors are currently leaning towards a 2025 opening.

Would you consider dining at the new lakefront restaurant? Let us know in the comments below.

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