Drinking Water Fountains now Visible in the Disneyland Paris App

Disneyland Paris just released an app update that allows park goers to view all the water fountains available in the resort.

Over the past few weeks Disneyland Paris has slowly been reactivating water fountains across the resort.

The opening of Avengers Campus also premiered Disneyland Paris’s first water fountain featuring a refilling stations for bottles. (Not yet shown on the map as of 08.2022) A first for the resort that will hopefully be implemented in other locations as well.

Here’s how to access the water fountain locations.

Source: Disney

1. To view all drinking fountain locations select the burger menu in the top right hand corner

Source: Disney

2. Next tap tap on “Guest Services”

Source: Disney

3. Next tap on “Drinking water fountain” and then tap on “Go!” to update the map

Source: Disney

4. You can now view all of the water fountain locations around Disneyland Paris

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