Cast Member Snatches Wedding Ring Mid-Proposal & Sends Couple off Stage

According to a video shared on Twitter by user @diornowhere. A cast member stopped a proposal on the stage by snatching the couples engagement ring and then asking them to step down.

Park goers are not allowed to climb on the stages. Cast Members have been are reporting an increasing number of park goers breaking the rules recently.

The video shows a man and woman standing on one of the three stages in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland Paris.

The man kneels in front of his future fiancé, ring in hand. A Cast Member suddenly runs onto the stage, grabs the ring out of the man’s hand, and continues down the stairs. Gesturing for the couple to follow.

Another Cast Member on the ground also joins in and gestures for the couple to step off the stage. As the couple slowly walks down the stairs the crowd starts booing. The Cast Member (that grabbed the ring) can be heard saying “Yes that’s great but over here, that’s gonna be even better!”

According to a user on Reddit, the couple had asked permission to do the proposal on the stage.

Update: the video was originally shared on Reddit.

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