Farm Animals Return to Frontierland Station at Disneyland Paris

After a long absence, live farm animals have returned to the Frontierland station.

Several Pony’s have been spotted near the former opening day “Critter Corral” petting zoo area.

“Critter Corral” gave park goers the opportunity to interact with live farm animals like cows, donkeys, goats, chickens, and rabbits.

The farm animals used to freely roam the area, however strict French animal protection laws forced the resort to build enclosures for all animals.

After the winter season (2006) the animals did not make a comeback and the area was transformed into a short lived meet and greet space. (Woody’s Roundup Village)

The animals were grazing peacefully and even enjoyed some cuddles from Disneyland Railroad Cast Members.

It’s unclear exactly how long the pony’s will remain at Disneyland Paris, however the resort has been collaborating with local farmers.

It’s likely the animals will remain there as long as the weather plays along and there is enough tall grass to eat.

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