Fantasia Gelati Shutting Down Permanently

According to DLP Report, the iconic Fantasia Gelati ice cream location in Fantasyland at Disneyland Paris is permanently shutting down.

The famous pink and cream colored building visually hints at ice cream and was designed by Walt Disney Imagineering architect, Ron Bowman.

Fantasia Gelati will disappear in the near future, and be turned into a new dining room as part of a Pizzeria Bella Notte capacity expansion project.

Fantasia Gelati at Disneyland Paris
Fantasia Gelati at Disneyland Paris

It’s unclear wether we will loose fan favourite details like the ice cream cone lighting fixtures or the giant “The Pastoral Symphony” mural based on the animated film “Fantasia”.

Over the years, Fantasia Gelati has seen restrictive opening times with complete closures lasting through-ought the colder months.

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