Disneyland Paris Raising Annual Pass and Day Ticket Prices

Effective immediately, Disneyland Paris has increased Annual Passes prices by about 10%. The higher prices apply to new purchases as well as renewals. Annual Pass benefits are guaranteed until October 3, 2022, which may be when a new Annual Pass system could be introduced.

Annual Pass Pricing OverviewOld PricesNew Prices (Starting March 31st, 2022)
Discovery Pass (150 days)€209€229
Magic Flex Pass (300 days)€299€319
Magic Plus Pass (350 days)€329€369
Infinity Pass (365 days)€479€499
Annual Pass Pricing Overview at Disneyland Paris

The annual pass-holder benefits also no longer mention:

  • A separate entrance
  • Infinity concierge service
  • Free locker/armchair/stroller rentals (still available for Infinity)
  • Infinity parking is no longer mentioned (regular parking is still included for all passes except Discovery)

The Annual pass-holder reservation system will remain in place as well, pass-holders can make up to 3 reservations at a time via the dedicated online tool.

Prices have also increased for annual pass privilege tickets: low season €42 (Infinity) / €47 (Magic Plus), peak season €61 (Infinity) / €67 (Magic Plus)

Prices for un-dated tickets have also increased by €6 and €11. One day, two-park tickets prices have increased from €119 to €129.

These are “use anytime” ticket prices, lower prices are available online for dated tickets.

Dated tickets are now available for sale over the official website until Feb 5, 2023.

Disneyland Paris last increased prices in November of 2021.

The gradual reduction of annual pass benefits/price increases fall in line with the companies strategy to try and push more visitors towards booking lucrative hotel/ticket packages.

To learn even more about what Disneyland Paris Doesn’t Tell You About Annual Passes listen to our Patreon exclusive show here.

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