Premier Access is Now Available at Crush’s Coaster

Park goers can now purchase “Premier Access” at Crush’s Coaster in Walt Disney Studios park.

Premier access grants park goers the ability to skip the “stand by” queue and access a faster, priority queue.

Disneyland Paris has installed a new “Premier Access”​ queue at Crush’s Coaster.
Disneyland Paris has installed a new “Premier Access” queue at Crush’s Coaster.

The service is available at select attractions throughout Walt Disney Studios park and Disneyland park.

Crush’s Coaster regularly sees 100+ minute stand by queues on weekends due to it’s high re-rideability and low capacity.

“Premier Access” prices vary from day to day based on demand and usually move within the 5–18 Euro spectrum.

View of “Premier Access” purchase page in the Disneyland Paris app. Copyright Disney.​
View of “Premier Access” purchase page in the Disneyland Paris app. Copyright Disney.

While the Disneyland Paris app has not enabled “Premier Access” purchases yet. It will likely become available in the coming days.

Update: Pricing has just been released by Disneyland Paris. Crush’s Coaster is currently priced at 13 Euros per person/ride.

This place’s Crush’s Coaster in the top tier. Prices for top tier attractions can go up to 18 Euros on busy days.

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