Disney Village Overhaul Happening This Year at Disneyland Paris

The major re-desing of Disney Village could begin as early as September, OutsidEars reports (French).

Originally tweeted by OutsidEars (@OutsidEarsDLP) on April 7, 2021.

Daniel Delcourt, Vice President of Operations at Disneyland Paris announced the refurbishment over 4 years ago.

The major overhaul will be executed over the next 5–6 years, in phases. Starting with the re-design of Café Mickey. Teams will work in phases, in order to keep Disney Village open and limit the potential impact the refurbishment may have on the day to day activities.

The large towers designed by Frank Gehry will become a thing of the past. Most buildings will be completely re-designed and a new Hard Rock Cafe might make an appearance. Only Annette’s Dinner will remain present in its current form. While Planet Hollywoods iconic sphere may disappear.

Since the plans and concept art have not been officially announced, take everything with a grain of salt. Projects that are still in development may change at any time.

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